Creative lead: Caleb Pond

Weave is DMC inspired character action game where the player defeats the minions of corrupt gods using rope or flexible weapons. Players then travel to different areas in the world and purify physical manifestations of the gods known as titans.

Creative lead: Denzel Buenafe

Play as Val as she tumbles head first into Limbo and fights her way back home, saving a civilization of diverse and quirky characters from imminent destruction under the Founders along the way.

Creative lead: Maria Neblett

Play as 1 of 4 heroes, each with differing abilities, and explore the world through their eyes as they struggle to keep their countries and people afloat.

Creative lead: Caleb Pond

A dune surfing 3d platformer with emphasis on momentum management skillfully maneuvering the environment.

PrePro Collaborative
PrePro’s a club where we showcase our work, collaborating in a team environment, and chilling with friends. On Pitch Day, people with a concept for a game will describe it to the group. We will then vote on which project we want to work on for the semester. Regular meetings after that will be like a studio setting with everyone pitching in their creative talents, whether that be art, music, voice acting, coding, and writing. You can also bring in outside work that you want reviewed and showcased. Overall, the club can give you a chance to work on your portfolio outside of classwork.

Of course, this is all at your own leisure. We don’t expect to have a finished prototype by the end of the semester; whatever you can contribute is cool! You are free to come and go as you please, work on whatever and just hang out with friends! Chat it up with fellow members over games, art, dank memes- whatever floats your boat! Not to mention, snacks will be provided!


President: Caleb Pond

Secretary: Jennifer Moravits

Treasurer: Denzel Buenafe

Mediator: Andrew Ward

Webmaster: Anthony Lawn

Weekly Meetings

This information is accurate for the Spring 2017 semester only.

Welcome New Members

Welcome newcomers to PreProduction Collaborative! We’re a club that meets weekly to work collaboratively on the preproduction step of making a video game.